Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath

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This is my Halloween Wreath that I just finished last night.

This Stampin Up! Holiday Mini Catalog was my inspiration. I thought their wreath was so cute I just had to make one. If you'd like to see this catalog better, click here.

  I found this wreath at the DI for $2. I originally bought a foam one at the local craft store for $6, but that one went back when I found this one. It was decorated when I bought it, but I just took all that off.

  I had a bunch of black material in my sewing supplies. I got it from Walmart and it was their cheapest stuff.

  I cut a bunch of 3 inch strips of black fabric and sewed them all together so I had a really long strip. Sorry, I never measured the length.

  I then gathered the fabric with my sewing machine. I start with a regular stitch at the very end to the gather won't come out. Then I change the tension on my machine so it will gather the material as I go. **When using this long of a strip you might want to stop every so often and use a regular stitch to secure the gather as you go.

  I wrapped the wreath in black fabric and hot glued it in place.

  Then I wrapped the wreath in the gathered fabric strips securing it with hot glue.

  I made different sized fabric pom pom flowers with two different types of purple fabric. I found the fabric at the local craft store in their Halloween fabric. It's pretty expensive fabric at $9 a yard, but I only purchase 3/8 of a yard and ended up using aprox. 1/4 a yard of each fabric. I would have purchased fat quarters instead, but they didn't have the colors I wanted.

  I made the pom pom flowers different sizes by using differing size circles. Here is a great tutorial at With a Cherry On Top blog

I knew I wanted a skull on my wreath, but I wanted the eyes to glow, so I poked holes in the eyes with a pen & gutted out the bottom so an electrical tea light could fit in the bottom. This skull was $1 from Dollar Tree.

  This is what the bottom looks like with the tea light in it. The electrical tea lights are from Dollar tree and are 2 for $1. They're cool too because they flicker like candles.

  I secured the skull to the wreath with wire.

  Then I made this BEWARE sign with chipboard & glitter. I had black chipboard on hand and I cut it into a cool shape & covered it in black glitter & I painted the letters purple and covered them in purple glitter.

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I assembled the entire thing using hot glue on the pom pom flowers & sign and this is the end result. I'm lovin it!

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  1. Oh my GOODNESS! That wreath is awesome! I love the pops of purple and the gathered fabric. Love, love, love it!

  2. I just spotlighted you. 'Cause I think this is so awesome!

    :-) Sandra

  3. LOVING this wreath. I really want to make a Halloween wreath, but I think my time is running out! Way too many projects and not too many days left until Halloween & my party! I'm a new follower of yours!

  4. It's beautiful (I mean very scary)! I love the wreath.....


  5. Oooo, I love the ruffles! I am making a halloween wreath right now (as in ModPodge now drying). I think I will have to make some version of this for fun!

  6. LOVE everything about this wreath...the idea, the colors, the texture, the process. It is unique and gorgeous! Good job!

  7. Oooh cute! I have one of those wreath forms and now I have something to do with it! This is SO perfect! And who doesn't love a good ruffle!

  8. Okay, seriously, LOVE IT!!! Love all of it!! I really want to make one! Good job you! I know
    I've said it a million times, but I wish I lived by you and we could craft together!

  9. I love this! Your entry way looks so creepy yet classy as well! Purple is a great look for Halloween!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog too! :-)

  10. I love this!!! Am saving this as I still have one of those wreaths lying around somewhere...

  11. Gorgeous and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing your idea! I am making the yarn one tonight, I bought all the stuff last week and am so excited! :)

  12. A brilliant wreath! I am saving your tutorial, and I think I will do a fall/thanksgiving one...I love your idea's and thank you!


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