Wardrobe Make-over

This is the wardrobe we bought at Ikea for a screamin deal!

As you can see the doors don't go the length of the wardrobe & they are somewhat "see-through" rather than the expensive wood ones we really wanted. That was why we got the deal. Anyway, we decided to put a shelf on top to deal with the short door problem & we would cover the inside of the doors to deal with the "see-through" problem.

This was my first idea because I LOVE this design, but once I had the fabric up there, it looked like way too much busy pattern to me. I decided that maybe plain black would look better, so here's the final product...

I went to Walmart today and bought 2 yards of black fabric for $1.97 a yard. Talk about cheap!! I also bought some sticky backed Velcro.

  This is what the inside of the door looks like. Oh yeah, and the inside of the wardrobe. As you can see it's purpose is for my husband's many suits! notice the Christmas colored bins on the bottom. Those were on clearance after Christmas. Another sweet deal!!

This is a close up of the Velcro on the inside of the wardrobe door.
This was easy peasy & done within half an hour!
Did I tell you I love a great deal??? Well, I'll say it again, I LOVE a great deal!!
FYI, those red bins on the top shelf of the wardrobe are also a Christmas clearance deal. They are actually ornament holders, but you'd never guess. They go great with the colors in our room!

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