Young Women In Excellence Night

Last night we had our Young Women In Excellence Night and it was a great evening.
I just wanted to share our theme and decorations.

Our theme was "I have the Courage to Stand" and I based it off of this awesome song,
It was really great to hear the girls sing this song!

This is our spread!
I just love the brick wall & the knights.
Thanks to Tiffany for the idea and the link to the website where I bought it!!

Yummy scrumptious desserts!

These are milk chocolate pastry puff desserts & white chocolate pastry puff desserts.

Thanks Vicki for making these! You know I want the recipe!!

This is our super amazing cake!!!

This cake was made by one of our YW leaders, Megan Plaisted. She did such an amazing job!

If you want to see more of her cakes, click here.

All the great details!

I know she spent hours on this, so THANKS again Megan!!

 Who can go wrong with brownies!
Thanks Pam for these, they were delish and I'm so glad I got to take some home :)

Cute little picks for the brownies.

I love raspberry lemonade! We drank it all! Thanks Tiff for the cute drink dispenser!

Can't forget the yummy fruit. Notice how the pineapple is GONE. It was so yummy!
Hailey was awesome enough to get this all ready even though she had to leave town the same day!

Cute little party favors for the girls.

These are the magnets that I made for the girls.
We wanted them to have a little reminder.
I have the BEST YW leaders ever!
I'm so grateful for all those who helped plan, decorate, sing, talk, cook & yes, clean too!

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  1. that stone wall is awesome! I love it all! Could you be my young woman's leader?!


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