Dinner Cook-Off Competition

This week we had a fun activity with the youth at our church.  It was a dinner cook-off competition.
Each class was in charge of coming up with a meal, cooking it and decorating the room for the meal.
One class of girls decided on a garden theme and this is what they came up with...

A garden arch with the food set up buffet style.

On the menu they decided on lemon pepper chicken, twice baked potatoes, rice balls, rolls, ceasar salad, lemon bars & cran-apple juice.
Each of the young women was in charge of a food item and they did a great job making it!

The girls also had the table set up with beautiful dishes, but none of those pictures turned out.
The dishes went along with the garden theme and I just loved the ambiance of the room.

The other group of girls had a Parisian theme and their room was so romantic looking.

Eiffel tower and all!

Both walls were lighted & they had beautiful cello music playing.

This is their beautiful table setting.

On their menu they had lasagna, salad, rolls, jello, sparkling punch & a yummy brownie dessert.

So many cute details.

This activity was a lot of fun.  It was planned and organized by the young men group and they did a great job.  They had the bishopric sample all the foods anonymously (they didn't know which group was in charge of which room) and then they awarded prizes. 
We were so proud of our youth for working so hard on this activity.  Both groups of girls won prizes.  The Parisian theme won best overall and a couple others & the garden theme won best atmosphere & one other.  They were all so pleased with themselves & it was fun to watch their excitement.

If you need an fun idea for the youth in your church I would recommend this activity.
If you'd like the scoring sheet we used send me an email and I'll forward it on to you.

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