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Firmoo Glasses

Today I'm so excited to share Firmoo with you.  It's a global online optical store and they sent me a free pair of glasses to try out.  Yeah hooray!  I've needed new glasses for a long time and I'm excited to finally have a pair to wear.

My glasses came with a hard case, a soft glasses bag & a cleaning cloth.  All are very good quality.
I was excited to shop on their website because the ordering process was fun.  I was able to upload a picture of myself and try glasses on virtually.  They have so many frames to choose from and it was nice to be able to try so many of them on virtually before choosing my pair.  You can see their selection at

I really wanted rectangular frames that were also stylish, so I chose this design.  Click here to go to these exact glasses on their website.  These glasses are very light and don't feel heavy on my nose or ears.  They also have flexible arms so they're not too rigid.  I like the way they look and it's fun to be able to wear glasses again.  The only drawback to this particular pair is that the arms are kinda thick on the sides so they sometimes get in the way of my peripheral vision.

All their glasses and sunglasses come with either prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses, so you can even get a pair just to be stylin.  No need for a prescription these days because glasses can be worn as an accessory.

They offer your first pair free, as a new customer, so click here to check out their free glasses.

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