Diaper Cake Tutorial

Who doesn't love beach themes?
I love most anything to do with the beach/ocean. The colors, smells, sounds, the way it makes you feel so relaxed, it's unpredictability, etc.

And at this point, I would do anything to be at the beach RIGHT now.

So what better theme to have for a boy baby shower, right?
Below is a diaper cake I made for my SIL's baby shower. 

For this project you'll need:
~ diapers
~ a platform to present the diaper cake on
~ glue dots
~ shish kabob sticks
~ ribbon
~ accessories 
Step 1: Arrange diapers in a circle and fasten ribbon around outer circle. Make sure the ribbon is tight around your diapers or it will fall apart. I used newborn diapers, therefore had to use more than if you were to use bigger diapers. I believe there are about 45-50 newborn diapers in this bottom tier.

Step 2: Attach bottom tier to charger (this is the platform I decided to use because it matched the color scheme and added to the beach feel) with glue dots. Use as much as you'd like to make sure it's secure.
Note: For the platform, you could use anything really. A simple and cost saving idea would be to cut out a shape from a cardboard box and cover it with wrapping paper.

Step 3: Insert shish kabob sticks through bottom tier. The size of your sticks really depends on how many tiers you are going to make your diaper cake. Again, they do not have to be shish kabob stick but I would suggest using something that will go through all the tiers in order to keep it secure.
Step 4: Repeat step 1 just with less diapers as you build your tiers.
Step 5: Carefully place the tiers on top of the sticks. I found placing the tiers on the sticks was much easier than trying to put the sticks through all the tiers from the top.

As I was making this I decided I wanted four tiers instead of just the three so had to add more sticks in order to secure the fourth tier.

I wanted the diaper cake to look beautiful from every angle so decided on bows for the back. If you aren't a fan of bows or have a hard time tying them, you could always glue dot the ribbon together to give it a seamless look.
Step 5: Add your accessories.
I attached just a few items (star fish raffia, net, slippahs, surfboard and palm leaves - as seen in first picture) because I wanted it to be simple but still beautiful.

Now let's go hit some waves!

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