Carrot Themed Party

We have yet another Creative Sister and her name is Mashaide.
Today we're sharing a party she created for Easter.

This is her Easter dessert table spread.
Her theme was carrots (orange & green).

This is what she included on her dessert table:
  • Lemon bread
  • Yellow cupcakes w/vanilla frosting
  • Carrot cake
  • Chocolate Easter bunnies
  • Carrot Easter eggs filled w/green sour apple candy, green M&M's, & green sunflower seeds
  • Orange jelly beans
  • Orange sunflower seeds
  • Chocolate covered rice krispy treats.
We're totally lovin this creative carrot idea!

She filled the apothecary jar with orange tissue paper and added green feathers.
Who would of thought!

Here's another great carrot decor idea.

These were created from scrapbook paper and grass. How ingenious & cute!

Can't forget the carrot cake for a carrot themed party!

Just because you have cake doesn't mean you can't have cupcakes too!
This was the first time Mashaide piped a design on cupcakes. She said it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be, but they look AWESOME!

Of course you have to have plastic Easter eggs for Easter. These are carrot Easter eggs filled with green sour apple candies, green m&ms, and green sunflower seeds.
She was sure to include a little something for everyone in those plastic eggs.

This is another simple, inexpensive table decoration. She filled another glass apothecary jar with plastic Easter eggs. So simple & so inexpensive.
And last, but not least, here are some cute chocolate Easter bunnies.
Thanks Mashaide for sharing your beautiful Easter party with us!
It's so fun having so many creative sisters to share ideas with.

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  1. Cute, love the green and orange and clever ideas.

  2. Ahh yay! Nice Shaz, thanks for sharing! It's so beautiful and creative and I love the inexpensive, but so clever, ideas!

  3. Who did that party? It is so cute! Hehehe...thanks for sharing it on your blog. Now I feel like party of the family. Lol.


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