Baby Bibs

Baby bibs!

It seems quite often as I sit the baby down to eat, I reach to get a bib and we're all out, so yesterday I decided I needed more.
I looked around the craft room and used what I had on hand to make this work....and really, I just didn't want to loose motivation.

I used left over terry cloth, some cute fabric and snaps!

Simple, easy and useful!

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  1. Really cute! Did you trace a bib you had for the pattern? Maybe I should go buy some terry cloth so I can make some less feminine ones for my son. It would be my first time using snaps too!

  2. Oooh good idea!!

  3. Very cute! And a great idea for a present for my niece.

  4. @ Shannon, I just made my own pattern by drawing the general shape and making sure the neck part wasn't too big or too small.

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