Piano repainting in the works

Some of our friends scored this awesome piano for us at our town recycling center. It was beautiful!
It had some nicks and scratches and a chunk taken out of a corner on the back left. (None of which you can see in the picture)
Then when moving it in, it got scuffed up just a little more. We were going to leave it, but I decided, what the hay, lets repaint it and it'll match even better with our living room.
And plus, we love more projects! So here's another ongoing project amongst others.
I'm no pro. I just research the wonderful Internet and try to figure out what we can do and the best way to do it. And since I am no pro, I was too afraid to take it apart, and plus it's stinkin' heavy!
We started sanding it with an electric sander, but it gooped up the clear finish coat. So we did it by hand. Since we're repainting it and not refinishing it, it was okay to just scuff it up to get the primer to bond. If we were going to refinish it we'd have to use a chemical to strip it and get down to the wood.
Sanding process.

Right now, it's all sanded and has 2 coats of primer. This is taking a little longer than I had thought. It's a little more difficult to do since it's in the living room and we have an 8 month old on the go and we've been using nap time to get some other things done. Duh, maybe I'll barricade it.

(during the second coat)
Well, I can't wait until we finish it.
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  1. Hi guys! Stopping by to say hi - I haven't visited in a while. Painting the piano is intriguing - I can't wait to see the result. I may be getting an old piano - my grandmother's -but not sure I really want it. Painting is an option or just leave it dark. And we'd have to learn to play!! I just hate to see beautiful old pianos go to the junk yard. Good luck!

  2. I am continually amazed at how much you get done with your little ones. Can't wait to see more pics. I'm sure it will turn out fab!

  3. my parents have a piano that looks similar--but it's too old, i'd feel guilty about painting it! it has a serial number on the inside... the number is "6". i can't wait to see what color you paint yours!

  4. What a beautiful piano! can't wait to see the final product. I'm a new follower:)


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