Project Life

Look what came in the mail today!!!!

I finally did it! 
I ordered Project Life supplies. 
We decided to get these for the girls for Christmas this year. Usually we create photo books through Shutterfly as a gift for each girl, but this year we decided that our 2 older girls would love to make their own. We figured that Project Life makes it really simple for even young ones to keep journals by providing prompts through their project life cards.  Doesn't that make it easy?  Especially for an 8 year old?  Without all the mess of glue, paper and embellishments? And if that's not enough, everything is really cute and coordinated!  I really think this will be a big hit and I can hardly wait for the girls to open them! :)

I also ordered the Baby mini kit for our baby's first year. 
Of course, the baby and my 3 year old are not old enough to make their own, so that means I get to make them...and I'm just a little excited for that!

Order your own today, here.

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