Table Candelabras

This was the inspiration for the following project.

Can't decide if I want to keep the orange candles or go for black or white.

I was looking for lamps one day for my Halloween Candelabra project at DI and I ran across this baby. Perfect for a table candelabra without any extra assembly!

Just take apart, spray paint black & glue on black beads.
The black beads are actually black plastic mardi gras bead necklaces cut up.

This was a previous version, but I decided I didn't like the purple beads and there were too many of them.

Here is the final product again. I love it!

This is the one Tiffany made with a lamp base and the light part of a ceiling fan, all found at the thrift store.

To see more of Tiffany's, go to her blog here.

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1 comment:

  1. Both candelabras turned out so good, I wish I were more creative and more ambitious! Great job to you and Tiffany!!


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