PTR Week 5: Denim Dress

Week 5 is done! Thanks for voting!
This week we all had a free pass because someone had to drop out due to power outages caused by the crazy weather. I feel bad for Bree, because I would be so bummed if that happened to me. On a brighter note, I won this week's challenge!! In spite of all the sickness around our house, I enjoyed this challenge & I really like how it all came together.
Each PTR challenge has taken me a lot of thought. I look through the Internet for things and clothing that inspire me; I look at my own children's clothes; I picture the photo shoot; and when I close my eyes at night I see all sorts of ideas. It just goes on and on.
When I got my "vision" for this one, the end result is not how it started out. Actually, none of my outfits end up the way I first saw them in my head. I have to adjust as I go because during the process I realize something else will look better. In the beginning, I just need an idea that inspires me enough to get started
For this project I already knew what I wanted the bottom and the waistband to look like and I had an idea for the top part, but after much thought I realized it seemed more adult like and wouldn't be fit for a little girl. So through my Internet searching, I found this dress (below) to use as inspiration for the top part of the dress.

This is the San Gabriel from Shabby Apple.
I knew I wanted the bottom to be a full circle, so I used DANA's (from MADE) equation for the circle skirt to get the measurements for the bottom.
Then I used one of my daughter's "girly" fitted T-shirts as a starting point for the top.
I wanted the top to be fitted and to have sleeves that were puffed and gathered with a ruffle on the cuff.

One of my favorite parts of the dress is the ruffle in the back that covers the zipper. It's already a hidden zipper, but I still wanted to add the ruffle to dress it up.

I loved the ruffle on the collar of the San Gabriel, but I wanted to make it much smaller and I wanted the opening of the dress to be in the back with a zipper. I also gathered the collar before adding the ruffle. I ironed this dress probably 15 times!! I guess that line on the dress bottom just didn't want to come out!
Sorry there's no tutorial.
I barely got this made with having the flu at the same time, so I only took the necessary pictures and then slept for 3 days :)
**I'm no professional. I try to give credit where I should and everything else is my own work.
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  1. Love this dress!! Congrats on the win, you totally earned it, and the photos are so cute!

  2. This dress is adorable and I was instantly drawn to it. Now I know why! The San Gabriel was the very first Shabby Apple dress I bought and I LOVE it! I even wore it for our family pictures this year!

    I completely agree with your design making decisions especially for children! I LOVE the idea of a back closure, no buttons all the way down the side is great for a child. And the collar being smaller too. I wish mine were a touch smaller, I've kinda got a short neck haha and feel like I lost it in the pictures.

    Love and Hugs,

  3. You did a beautiful job this week! I love this dress and it fits perfectly!

  4. I'm always amazed at how your ideas turn out. Beautiful!

  5. Thanks so much for the comments!

  6. This dress is so lovely! I love the circle skirt and the petite ruffles.

  7. I would love to see some kind of tutorial for this dress sometime, it is super cute and I'd love to try it out!!

  8. The color of the dress goes well with the color of the shoes and ribbons. Totally eye catching !!
    The dress design & the photoshoot were deserved to be the most-voted. I love it

  9. A sweet dress, you did a good job! Tnx so much for linking up at my party! :)

  10. This is great and I love the red shoes with the dress! Hope you're feeling better. Thanks for linking up to Home and Family Friday.


  11. i've seen the san gabriel dress and loved it!! your version is absolutely adorable!!

  12. I LOVE this!! Everything about it is SO cute :0) Nice job, Chels.

  13. so cute!!! i want this dress:D:D


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