About 2 weeks ago, I got a chance to use my Cricut!
I've been wanting to cut vinyl and make labels for our dry ingredients.
Here they are & I love they way they turned out!!
My husband was even impressed by them.
I used Cricut Vinyl from Wal Mart, a free SVG image I found online here and SCAL software.
I adjusted the svg in SCAL, added font and clicked the cut button. After all was cut, I peeled off the vinyl labels and used the transfer tape to adhere it to my containers.

Here they are on our shelf in our dining room. (very dark, cave dining room)
It's so nice to do a simple, quick home enhancing project.
What have you been cutting with your Cricut or Silhouette?
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  1. Love the labels! How do you like your Cricut machine? I've been interested in them but didn't know what I would make. This is definitely a cute idea for them though!

  2. I love these. They turned out great. I love my cricut and I really like using vinyl with mine also. Do you like the SCAL program I am thinking about purchasing it myself. Also how do you use the transfer tape?

    I am a new follower. Come check me out and follow back at and you can see the cups I made with my cricut and vinyl.

  3. I do like my SCAL program! I debated and debated, and just finally got it. It's great! There's no limits and you can make whatever you want!
    With the transfer tape, you use it to put your vinyl on the wall/board/door at once. So you don't have to put it on letter by letter. You place it on the front of the vinyl and then transfer it to your object. Here's a page with a few how to videos. They're really quick and helpful.

  4. So cute! I loving printing vinyl off of my Cricut :)

  5. This is beautiful! I wish I had a Circut so I could do something like this!

    Visiting from Serenity Now. Take care and God Bless,


  6. I put all my stuff into glass containers a few years ago, but have never labeled them, this is beautiful and something that would totally fit into my kitchen! Lovely work :)

  7. Hi, again, Chelsea. :) LOVE the frames on those labels. So pretty! I need to get to work on my pantry. Thanks for sharing. :)

  8. looks like I have to get a cricut!

  9. Love these labels! I've been wanting to label my glass canisters, but couldn't find the right idea until now, so thank you! Just a heads up, though. The link to the svg is no longer working. The file is still on the site, under "Elements" on 6/23/15. You might wanna fix the link on your site so it goes directly to the file!


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