"Hand"made Christmas Gift

The kids made these for their Grandparents one year & they are SUPER easy to make.

  • Christmas bulbs
  • Paint
  • Markers

Just paint your child's hand (with a lot of paint) and have them hold the bulb. Make sure they hold the bulb at the bottom of the bulb and wrap their fingers up the sides.

Once the paint is dry, they can color the details on the snowmen. Eyes, mouth, carrot nose, buttons, a hat, scarf and anything else they want.

Two gifts in one--your child's hand print and a cute ornament.

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Christmas Advent Calendar

I saw this idea at our local craft store 2 years ago and every time I saw it I really wanted to make it!! It wasn't until I found the magnet board at a really great price did I get the motivation :)
Thanks to my great friends, we planned a night and got together to make our own.

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I got the unfinished framed magnet board from Roberts (when we had one near us) for 50% off.
If you can't find a pre-made board, you can make your own with a picture frame & metal sheeting.
I painted the frame white and Mod Podged scrapbook paper to it. Be careful how you line up the paper if you have a pattern. If you look close, you can see mine is not so matching :)

I found enough chipboard letters in my collection to spell "Merry Christmas".
As you can see, I didn't even use all the same type of letters.

 I sent my chipboard letters through my Xyron (right side down),
attached scrapbook paper over my letters & trimmed the paper.

I used glue dots to attach ribbon to the metal board.

The same local craft store, Porters, had all the plastic circles, so they were easy to find.
I think they were around $.20 a piece.

Just attach a magnet to the back with a glue dot.

And add paper to the front.
I used 2 size circles on the front, with one just barely big enough for the sticker numbers.
I'm an edge inker if you couldn't tell.

I added different quotes or scriptures for every day in December.
Each night we take a number down and read the quote or scripture inside.

At Roberts I also found these metal embellishments at 50% off & I added one to each corner.

This is the final project & it was so fun to make!
Thanks to Porters for the idea and to my friends for being my partners in crafting crime :)

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Hawthorne Threads

I just wanted to share this great fabric site. It's called Hawthorne Threads.
They carry tons of designer fabrics and they are reasonable. The shipping isn't bad either. They also do giveaways of fabric .
But, best of all, is their tiered pricing. This is awesome for people like me who buy so much fabric.
Go check it out!

DIY Calendar

Last year I made a couple of these for Christmas gifts.
I got the idea from a super Saturday craft day we did at our church.

  • 13" x 13" wood board
  • paint
  • 12" x 12" printed paper
  • 12" x 12" sheet metal
  • clear calendar overlay (you can make your own w/vinyl if you want)
  • 4 screws
  • magnets
  • dry erase marker

These boards measure approx. 13" x 13" and I found them at our local craft store. Just paint any color you like.

Once dry, place the metal sheeting over the wood & drill tiny holes in the four corners of the metal.
(Metal sheets were found at local craft store, but you can also find at hardware stores)

I found this clear calendar overlay at a local craft store, but here are a few I found online:
Place paper and clear calendar overlay on top of metal and screw into the wood.

I think it's great that you can change out the paper for the months,
seasons or just to change your decor.
This one is customized for my sister's kitchen which,
if you couldn't guess, is yellow and blue :)
You can use any magnets you want or you can make some.
I made some with the clear flat craft marbles you can find at Walmart and other stores where crafts supplies are sold. You can make them with words like holiday, birthday, etc.
Super easy to make!

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Christmas Craft Project

I got this idea two years ago at a local craft store.
I bought the jars that same year and had my same SIL make the vinyl.

Just add the vinyl to the outisde & add ribbon.
I think they turned out pretty cute.

Fill them with candy and it's a great gift that can be re-filled :)

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