Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

10th Birthday Party

I had the opportunity to help my sister with her daughter's 10th bday party & it was a lot of fun.

My sister wanted to create a garden in her entryway & we were totally going to make larger-than-life paper mache mushrooms, but we just couldn't fit in the time to make them.  *sigh*  But we did create this flower garden using tissue paper & paper flowers.  They're all hung from the ceiling & taped to the floor.

This is the dessert table, complete with lots of color & sweets.

Happy Father's Day!

Handprints Framed

The kids and I made this for Father's Day.
I found a couple handprint ideas on Pinterest and this is what the kids decided on.

Layered Pudding Cups

I had a party at my house tonight and I made these cute little desserts.

pudding, cool whip, dessert

They were super easy to make.
Just make pudding, layer with cool whip or whipped cream & top with whatever treat you like.
These are chocolate topped with heath bits & vanilla topped with white chocolate chips.
You can make them in whatever glasses you'd like.  I didn't have a lot of glasses, so I also used clear plastic disposable cups.

Happy partying :)


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