Vampire Cape Tutorial

Cut out a collar template in whatever shape you want.  Make sure to measure how big you want the collar to be.

Summer Canning

I've been canning now for a few years.  Thanks to all my great friends for teaching me how now I can do it myself in my own home.  Here are a few pictures of what I canned this summer.

This was the first time I've ever canned peaches & they were a lot of work, but they are oh so good!!!
I will definitely be doing these again next year, but with some help.  These peaches are canned in a medium syrup & I'm sure that's what makes them extra yummy-sugar.  Click here for the peach canning instructions that I used.

Cupcake Bouquet Tutorial

A lady from work decided to pursue other career goals and I wanted to bring her cupcakes on her last day of work with us. I wanted a more personal and beautiful way of presenting them than just pretty cupcakes. So I decided to make a bouquet out of the cupcakes.

Fortunately, I had all the supplies I needed lying around my craft room. Which saved me a trip to the store. Yeah, no need to go shopping with a three year old. That just made my life a little bit easier. Now to bake the cupcakes and put it together without my son giving me too much trouble. Too bad it's not nap time. Time to multi-task.

Eye Patch Tutorial

My daughter was born with exotropia, so we've dealt with surgery, eye patches & glasses for 10 years now.  I figured since she has to patch her strong eye every day I should at least make her a cute eye patch instead of the black store bought ones.

For this patch I decided to use two different colors, so she could have a different color on the backside.  I used her dress up pirate patch as a template because it is smaller and fits her eye better.  She also doesn't like it when the eye patch hits her eye lashes, so I made this patch kind of cone shaped so it wouldn't rest on her eye.

For this project you will need:
-Cotton Fabric
-Pellon Fabric
-Patch Template

Journals and Journal Cards

A few weeks ago, I prepared a mini class for church about keeping journals.
I just thought I'd share the articles I used, here and here. Also some of the cute handouts that my niece created for me. You can download them here and here.

Project Life

Look what came in the mail today!!!!

I finally did it! 
I ordered Project Life supplies. 
We decided to get these for the girls for Christmas this year. Usually we create photo books through Shutterfly as a gift for each girl, but this year we decided that our 2 older girls would love to make their own. We figured that Project Life makes it really simple for even young ones to keep journals by providing prompts through their project life cards.  Doesn't that make it easy?  Especially for an 8 year old?  Without all the mess of glue, paper and embellishments? And if that's not enough, everything is really cute and coordinated!  I really think this will be a big hit and I can hardly wait for the girls to open them! :)

Fall Decorations

This time of year is so exciting to me! I love the change in the air and the onset of coziness. 
We've had some fall decorations out for about 2 weeks and decided we would share. 
When I told my girls, ages 8, 6 and 3, that we were going to bring out the fall decorations, they were just as excited as I was! We listened to some inspiring piano music and enjoyed placing beauty around the house.

So here they are...


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