Baby Bumper Crib Set Reveal & Tutorial

New Baby Crib Set


I finally finished my baby's new crib bumper set and I'm so excited to share pictures with you today.  I sewed a custom crib set for my first born about 11 years ago.  It was a neutral color brown, so I was able to use it for all my kids, but after 11 years I felt it was time for an update.
Plus, this is my last baby so I need to get all my baby sewing in before it's too late. :)
This time I wanted to sew a crib set that was all girly, and what's more girly then ruffles?!
I didn't want her bedroom to be all pink, so I turned to my Pinterest boards for color combination ideas and these are the colors I decided on.
This was my inspiration for the design.  Positively Splendid's crib set is absolutely beautiful, but I didn't feel like I could fit 4 ruffles without the skirt dragging on the floor and I wanted to sew my ruffles on a different way, so I came up with my own pattern and tutorial with less ruffles.

Purple Bedroom Wall

 We've been wanting to change up our bedroom for awhile now, so we thought we'd start by giving it a paint lift.

The color we decided on is called "Plum Good" and it's a rich color that we both love.
purple wall

Here is a before picture of our bedroom.
(I guess I didn't have any bigger pictures of our room)

Wall decor

My husband and I felt like our room needed a little more "feeling" & we felt like color would do the trick.  I wanted to add some pattern and texture to the wall with a stencil, but I also wanted to keep the stencil subtle, so I tried to paint the stencil in the same color gloss paint.  As you can see, it didn't work very well and I gave up half way through.  :(

Neapolitan Cupcakes

I've been wanting to make cupcakes lately & haven't had a reason,
so today I just made some for no reason at all. :)
These are strawberry cupcakes with a layer of ganache & then topped with cream cheese frosting.
Maybe I've been watching too much of Cupcake Wars & that's what got me in the mood.
No matter the reason, I'm glad I made them.
After eating them, we decided to call them Neapolitan cupcakes because that's what they tasted like to us.  Enjoy!

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Tuna Melt Sandwich

Open Face Tuna Melt Sandwich

This is my new favorite thing to eat & it's really easy to make.


  • 1/2 Bagel
  • Tuna Fish (or you could substitute chicken salad)
  • Cheese
  • Sweet Relish (this is the relish I use & it ROCKS!!)
  • Tomatoes

I first toasted my bagel, then added the tuna fish & cheese & toasted it again.
Top with relish & tomatoes and you're done.
(It looks like I have tons of tomatoes because I used the tomatoes from my garden & they didn't get very big, but they're super yummy.)
Eat sandwich & be super happy about the yumminess :)


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