Pinterest Inspiration

After spending the past weekend crafting with my sister, I'm really itching to organize my craft room.
I want to do some projects, but a messy craft room is so uninspiring.

I love Pinterest & have pinned some great ideas I'd like to use in my craft room.

This would be so awesome for organizing all my threads.  And it's so pretty too.
I better start looking for a cool frame to use, 'cause I don't plan on making my own.

Or this is another great idea for sewing notions.

This would be perfect for all my fabric.

I also like this for other crafting items I have.

I totally bought one of these for something else and haven't used it.
Maybe I'll use it for ribbon. :)

Source: via Dacia on Pinterest

See, Pinterest can be so inspiring!
You should check it out & let me know if you need an invite.

Handmade Dress Up Over at Train to Crazy

I'm excited to be participating in


If you're looking for costume ideas, you should check it out.
Our tutorial will be posted in October, but you can see new ideas posted every day.

Sponsor of the Week at The CSI Project!

We are so excited to be the the sponsor of the week over at The CSI Project blog.
Want details on how to enter? Click on the link below...


Baby Photography

How cute is this sweet baby? This is my 4 month old niece. 
These photos were also taken on the same quick trip as the previous post. 
When I see these pictures, I just have to grin. This cute little girl just wanted to roll away. 
It was a good time. I seriously thought that we didn't get any good pics. because of my beginner skills, lighting and a roll away baby. But after leaving the photos alone for a day and coming back to them, I found some that I really liked! And like I said, I just can't help but grin.

She was full of expressions!

Thanks Janel, it was too much fun!!

Newborn Photography

This is our newest nephew. He's about 10 days old in these photos.
Photography is much harder than it seems. It takes a lot of study and then a lot of practice! 
On a recent visit to see family, which was very very short, I was lucky enough to steal a few shots of this beautiful boy. 
Before taking these pictures, I had read a few things about newborn photography and became completely overwhelmed! Newborn Photographers schedule about 4-5 hours for a session! I knew there was no way I was going to be able get that kind of time, but I still wanted to at least try a few pics.
So in about and hour and a half these are basically the only photos I got. 
Newborns need a lot of cuddling to make sure they're relaxed and comfortable and pose-able:)
Honestly, I loved the cuddling part, and the photography part was just a bonus.

Well, you can see that I need a lot more practice! 

Wainscoting in the Laundry/Mudroom

The Laundry/Mudroom is the most recent projects, among other small projects. 

Yesterday It looked like this:

This morning it looks like this (below):

And hopefully, by the end of next week, it'll look like these (below):

(image from Frugal Home Designs)

(image from Home Stories from A2Z)

My Good News

First I want to thank all our blog & FB followers for being such faithful followers, even with my lack of posting for the last 3 months!  You guys rock!!  As I posted on FB,  I have a good excuse for not blogging--I'm pregnant!!  We're really excited because we weren't sure I'd be able to get pregnant again, but I guess I still work :)

The un-fun part is that I've been nauseous for 3 months and if you know how that goes, not much motivation goin on over here :)  I seriously have 4 or 5 blog posts that have been in draft form since June.  The other part is that I have gestational diabetes, so I'm now working with my Dr to get my blood sugar under control.  It'll be so much fun poking myself with a needle 4 times a day, especially when I have an aversion to needles!  Wish me luck :)

Here's to hoping that I get my grove back soon because I have so many crafting ideas going on in my head & I'm just itching to make something!!


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