Thread Organization

I love getting brilliant ideas from other people on the Internet.
Pinterest is an amazing source of ideas.
I found this awesome tutorial for a framed thread organizer & I knew I wanted this in my craft room.
How convenient is it to have your threads on the wall where you can reach them instead of having to get them out of a sewing box?
I didn't want to create my own frame, so I searched the local thrift store until I found one I liked.
I found this frame at Deseret Industries for $3.  It was not as big as I'd like it to have been, but it had pretty detail.

Time Out For Women Journals

These are the journals my sister and I made for our Girls' Weekend away.
There were 15 of us women, all from the same family, who went to Kansas City to attend Deseret Book's Time Out For Women.
If you've never had the chance to go I'd recommend it.  It's so uplifting and inspiring.
And it's nice to get away for just a little bit :)

The theme was "Choose to Become", so we put that on the cover or our books.

These are the pages inside the book with tabs...

It's easier if you can find papers that already come in kits, like this set.  That way you don't have to try and match papers.  We didn't have kits for all the books, so we had to use our mad matching paper skilz.

We made envelopes using the Cricut for the ladies to keep their tickets & other memorabilia in.

We used different things on each envelope to make the clasps.  This one has circles & eyelets.

Inside the back cover we made pockets containing strips of paper.
Everyone in our group wrote little notes to each other or words that described each other on these strips & gave them to each other.  It's always nice to hear nice things from people you love.
Plus I love that we can go back and read uplifting words just when we need it!

This year we also made bookmarks out of ribbon and metal embellishments for each book.
They were so cute and fun to make.  I only wish I had more charms, cause charms are so fun!!

Each woman chose her colors & we tried our best to match their favorite colors.

I hope they all enjoyed them and were able to record all their wonderful memories from that weekend.
Love these ladies!!!

Here's a link to the post showing the one I made a couple years ago.
And here's my awesome friend, Tiffany, who gave me the original idea.  Thanks Tiff!!

To see my inspirational pins for these books visit my Pinterest TOFW board.

Anticipating Christmas Decorating

Last night I got all my Christmas tree decorations out, so I could see what I have.
I bought all this last year when it was on clearance.

I'm so excited for my colors this year!!
I'll keep you posted as I alter some of my bulbs with glitter.
I've been pinning some cool bulb decor ideas. :)


Last night I had a jewelry party at my house and it was the perfect excuse to try a new recipe.
Ever since I saw meringues on Pinterest, I've been wanting to try them.

I wanted the decorations to be pink and black to match my Consultants business cards, so I decided to make pink meringues.

They were cute being so mini and they were fun to make.
Next time I'll try different flavors to experiment.

This is where I got my recipe & it was easy to follow.

Just a few more pictures of the decorations/food.
I really should take pictures before all the treats are eaten :)

I know, I know, I've been posting nothing but treats lately.
I promise I have some craft posts coming soon--maybe even some more Christmas trees similar to last year!

Cupcake Poppers

I made these today for an activity I have tonight with the youth in my church.
I love how colorful they look!

I found this recipe on Pinterest.  
Have I told you how much I love Pinterest?
It's AMAZING how many ideas you can find there!!!

The colors are supposed to match some of the YW values.

They were fun to make.  Thanks Betty Crocker!!


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