Covered Baby Wipes Case

Cover Your Own Baby Wipes Case

fabric, pink, black, flower, covered wipe case
I figured since I just had a baby, I should make myself some of the cute baby things I've made for others.  If you want to make your own, click here for the tutorial we've shown before.

Personalized Scrapbooks

Personalized Scrapbooks as Gifts

These are a few of the books I made to give as gifts at Christmastime to those who work at my husband's office.

Succulent Wreath

Mother's Day Wreath

This post is a project made by my neighbor and friend Machelle.
She called me the other day and asked for my help in making bows for the wreaths she made for the Mothers in her life.  I jumped at the opportunity to do something creative since I'd rather do that then clean my craft room which was covered, every inch, in saw dust and paint dust :) (My basement is in the renovation process.)
After seeing just how beautiful her wreaths were, I asked if I could take pictures and share them here on our blog.  They're too pretty not to share.

These wreaths are so cool because they're alive and they'll continue to get fuller because the plants send off shooters and grow new plants.

Crayon Monogram

Teacher Appreciation Gift

This week was teacher appreciation week & I didn't want the week to pass without making something for my daughter's teacher.

We made the same thing last year for my childrens' teachers & you can see them here.
That post also includes instructions on how to make your own.

Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Today I'm so excited to share one of my recent projects with you--my raised garden beds.
This was a fun project for the whole family to help with.
If you missed my sister's raised garden boxes that she posted, click here.

These boxes are approximately 2'x6' and they are made from cedar fence posts with the dog-eared ends cut off.

I constructed them by stacking two posts & attaching a piece of wood on the middle inside & on each end.  After that, I attached each end to each side & added a ledge on the top to give the box a finished look.


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