40th Birthday Gift

40 Rocs!!

My husband's favorite candy is Almond Roca, so I decided to give him a jar full of 40 of them, all dressed up.
The kids and I came up with 40 things we love about him and I printed them out and wrapped them in colorful paper around each candy.
I thought it would be a fun play on words to say "40 Rocs". 
Not exactly Roca, but close enough. :)

Happy Birthday to my one and only!!

DIY Mantle

Build Your Own Mantle

Creative Mommas:

I've been wanting a mantle in my house for quite sometime because I wanted to add a little character to my living room and, of course, I wanted another surface to decorate.
During the holidays it was always hard because there were no places to put our decorations, so we'd end up with lots of little holes in the wall from hanging things. 
Well, now we have a bunch of places for decorations: a mantle, a piano top, a side shelf and a bookshelf.
Of course all those things aren't solely for decorations, but this mantle is :)

When I was coming up for ideas on how to build my mantle I turned to google images and Pinterest for some great ideas on small mantles.  Then it was up to me to sketch out the design and dimensions on grid paper.  After that was complete, all I needed was to shop for supplies so I could dive right in.


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