Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Wipes Case

This is the baby wipes case I created for my cousin who is having a baby.
She wanted the Hungry Caterpillar theme, so I thought I'd make a wipes case to go along with her theme.

Tea Party Themed Birthday Party

My daughter turned 8 in June and she wanted a party with a tent.
This is what I came up with, plastic table cloths hung with tacks and fishing wire from our ceiling.

Each girl got her own place setting complete with her own picture frame to take home as a party favor.

Pantry Makeover

Last summer we decided to make some changes in the way we eat. We wanted to eat a lot more fresh fruits and veggies; make more food from scratch so we were weren't eating as much processed foods; add more variety to our grains; and we wanted to limit the refined sugar that we were taking in. There are many reasons we decided to do this, but overall, we just wanted to be healthier.
 I started spending more time in the kitchen and I wanted our healthy changes to be successful, so I decided to help myself by making my kitchen a place I wanted to be.  What better place to start with change then the pantry?  Sorry, but I don't have a before picture

Pirate Themed Birthday Party

I'm sure you've noticed changes to our blog.
The first change is the look of our blog.  We've redesigned it and hope it's more pleasing to the eye.
The second change is that we've added another sister to our blog. :)

Mashaide is the newest Creative Momma and today she's sharing a pirate themed birthday party she created for her son's 3rd birthday.  Check out our "About us" page to learn more about Mashaide. :)


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