Upcycled Pedestal Cloche

Home Decor, Glass Cloche

I've been wanting a pedestal cloche for my side table forever & I wanted to make my own, but I just couldn't find the right sized piece of wood.
Then one day I was wondering through Deseret Industries & I found this $.25 cookie jar lid & voila it was the perfect size!

I found all three of these items at Deseret Industries.  The glass dome was $2, the candle holder was $.50 & the cookie jar lid was $.25.

Chocolate Cookies

Soft & Chewy Chocolate Drops

A couple weeks ago I decided that it would be fun to try a new cookie recipe every week.
It just seemed that every time I made cookies, I would make chocolate chip cookies, so this gives me the opportunity to try all the many cookie recipes I have that I've never used.

I tore this recipe out of my Kraft's food magazine a long time ago because the picture looked so yummy.  I was right to keep this recipe & it did not disappoint.

DIY Tiered Raised Garden Beds

I've had this post in draft form for a year and now I'm finally sharing it.
That's what happens when you get pregnant and loose all motivation.
If you missed my sister's raised garden boxes that she recently posted, click here.
Truth be told, I've been planning my dream garden for years.
I would search online for raised garden bed kits & I found many that I liked, but this one is the design that I loved.  Then I saw the price tag.
Don't get me wrong, I totally would have paid the price tag if I'd had the money, but alas, I did not, so my husband and I built these instead...
first, however, we recommend giving the lawn a good trim, with an efficient, quiet lawn mower!

DIY Raised Garden Boxes

We're not done with it all, but this is the first phase of my design.
I knew I wanted my boxes to be taller then just 12", so I thought the tiered look would be nice.
I'm hoping to add a ledge on each box for seating too.


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