Party Favors

Party Favors are another fun thing you can do for parties.
They are not mandatory, but just a nice extra touch. They don't need to be expensive either.

These are made using Stampin Up! mini milk carton die cut. (note: I use this diecut in my Cuttlebug because I don't own the bigshot yet.) My new favorite die by the way! I used transparencies which were like $20 for a box of 100 & you can fit two on one transparency. Then you just wrap them with paper & ribbon. Fill them with whatever goodies you want, add a clip and tag to the top & Viola!

The hard part is remembering that I made party favors! I always forget to give them to the first few guests, so maybe make someone else in charge of giving them out or put them right by the front door :)
To see all the details of this party click here.
Happy Party Planning!
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Even though this is not a Halloween project, imagine how Halloweeny you could make them look :)

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  1. I thought they were Halloweeny at first because my Halloween table-scape is black and chartreuse. This fits perfectly! I love them and only wish I had that awesome diecut. I have a Cuttlebug, do those dies work in that machine? {If you happen to know}

  2. Funny you should ask because I only own the Cuttlebug too! Although I do wish I owned the bigshot too :) This diecut does work in the Cuttlebug.

  3. These are fantastic!! I'd love to receive one of those goody bags:)
    I found you over at Sawdust and Paperscraps.


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