Covering a Craft Box

This was my little project for the day............. a cute red box!

This is one end of my planter shelf in my bedroom. It's basically a huge waste of space, but it needed something up there to look nice too. I had all of this already, but it needed an extra touch.

so I found this box at Real Deals for 75% off & thought to myself, "I could totally change the look of that."

I got out my good 'ol trusty Mod Podge.

And bought some really cute paper from the local craft store. The Red is velvety and was regular price, but the black velvet paper, I got for .25 cents a piece. Score!

I only put the Mod Podge on the back side since this has a velvet texture, but this is what it looks like without the lid.

And this is it with the lid.
I did this entire thing in less than an hour & I love it!

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