Magnet Board

I have to first start this post off by saying that I am by no means a builder of any sort, but I like to try and make things myself.
This is the magnet board I created for my girls' room.
I'm embarrassed to say that I started it about 2 years ago, but since I just barely re-decorated their room, it finally made it to their room.

I saw this idea, I think, in a Lowes creative newsletter that they mail out.
I created it using beadboard, wall trim, magnetic paint, furniture staples, & ribbon.
I painted the beadboard with magnetic paint and then white paint to cover the black.
Then I framed the board with wall trim and painted it green.
I used a staple gun and small nails to create the frame and attach it to the beadboard.
To attach it to the wall I used my favorite wall adhesive, 3M Command Strips.
They're the best because they don't leave holes in the wall and they keep the picture flat against the wall and keep it from moving.

The girls and I made a bunch of flower magnets together. They were easy. Just attach a magnet to the back of a flower and put a button in the middle or attach a magnet to the back of a button.
As you can see, those magnets have been replaced with magnets from primary :)

Now the girls can keep all their drawings in their room on their wall. Love it!

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  1. Who says a magnet board has to be a boring shiny white board or black chalkboard? Not me? Love the idea of painting beadboard with magnetic That stuff is expensive though. Someone should come up with a tutorial to make your own magnetic paint. (Like we've seen for chalkbaord paint. Which I still haven't tried.) Thanks for linking up - keep building!


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