PTR Week 4: Boy Inspired

I forgot to post last weeks challenge, Boy Inspiried.
I named this one, "Still A Princess" because even though it's boy inspired, there's still a princess peeking through.
When I found out what the challenge was, it took me back to the days of being a tomboy, before boys had cooties. When we ran around, climbed trees, played basketball and football and looked for lizards. I wanted to capture that in this outfit I designed. I made the pants, the vest and embellished the T-shirt. The pants were really fun to make and came together just as I had visioned. I made them with plenty of pockets for all those good finds when you're out playing. The vest was challenging! I really wanted to throw it to the birds!! I didn't have an exact idea on how it was going to come together so I made it up as I went. Sometimes it works for me, and sometimes it makes more work. Anyway, after much effort, the blasted thing turned out and now I LOVE it. Adding the pockets and soft collar transformed it from blah to fab. And the T-shirt, well it was the easiest! I just did a freezer paper stencil, ironed it on, slapped some fabric paint on and let it dry. BAM! It's the part of the outfit that seals the deal. All together, it says , "I'm tough enough to hang out with the boys, but I'm still a princess."

I did this shirt the same way as the Valentine Love T-shirt.

These pants were awesome and fun to make. They have pockets on the back, big square pockets on the front and small pockets on the sides of the bottom half of the pants.

After we took pictures for PTR, we went and played at the park. It was gorgeous weather!
So here are a few shots of the outfit in action.


  1. I loved this outfit please say you are going to make a tutorial! Thanks

  2. You must have the best dressed kids Chelsea!


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