How to Get Ice Cream Cones to Stand Up

When I was planning my daughter's party I didn't realize I would have to worry about coming up with a way to keep the ice cream cone cupcakes upright.
That is, until I made them and tried to get them to stand up. This is where an ice cream cone stand would have come in handy. Since I didn't have one, I figured I'd better come up with something quick.

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I decided to use cardstock and my nifty Cricut. Using my SCAL software I created a page that looked like this...

First I measured the cupcake stand and made the big circle that size & then I measured the ice cream cones and made all the small circles that size. It was a trial and error type of project, so I didn't use my nice paper until I was absolutely sure it was the right size.

I made the bottom layer the same way, except with a larger circle & I cut out a notch for the upper layer cake stand.

And there you have it, a last minute way to get your ice cream cone cupcakes to stand up! I think it worked really well and looked nice too.

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  1. Looks great! I am looking for a way to transport 40! lol.

    1. Thanks Anna G! You could use this technique for transporting them... Might just work :)


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