Photography Lighting

I am constantly trying to take better photos and the key seems to be lighting.
These are taken in my living room at 10am with natural lighting. Since I am not a professional, here are a couple links here, here and my favorite photography site here, for some good tips. It's fun to experiment, go try it out!
These are edited with a PS action called Velvet Cream from The Coffee Shop Blog.
After running her action, you can adjust it further to suit your liking.


  1. Wow, Chels, I love the pictures & that little girl is so cute!!!

  2. I wish my little guy would sit still for me to take pictures of him like this. I just want to squeeze that little munchkin! By the way nice photos!

    ps I don't know what's wrong but it won't let me comment under my google account. So I just put anonymous. But it's me Mashaide. =0)

  3. These turned out so cute, chels! You are a woman of many talents, that's for sure. :)


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