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I love getting brilliant ideas from other people on the Internet.
Pinterest is an amazing source of ideas.
I found this awesome tutorial for a framed thread organizer & I knew I wanted this in my craft room.
How convenient is it to have your threads on the wall where you can reach them instead of having to get them out of a sewing box?
I didn't want to create my own frame, so I searched the local thrift store until I found one I liked.
I found this frame at Deseret Industries for $3.  It was not as big as I'd like it to have been, but it had pretty detail.

I found some scrap board in our garage and I cut an 8" x 10" piece to fit in my frame.
As you can see, I wasn't too concerned about my jagged edge.
That's what happens when you're 6 months pregnant and trying to use a hack saw--you have limited physical ability :)

I decided to use some scrapbook paper to add some design to the background, so I adhered it to the board with spray adhesive and then measured where the nails would go.

My craft room is pink & green with white furniture, so I wanted to paint the frame white to match my room.
I used 2 coats of white paint & then coated it with a clear matte varnish.
Once it was all dry I assembled it and hung it on the wall using 3M Command strips.

And here's the finished product.
Now it's time to start a sewing project. :)

I probably could have spaced them a tiny bit further apart, but I wanted to maximize space because it was such a small frame.
I might make another one for my smaller threads, or maybe I'll find another great idea browsing the Internet.
I have to give credit to Grey Luster Girl who shared the tutorial and made it possible for me to make my own.  Thank you so much for the awesome idea--you rock!!

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  1. Love it!! it turned out super cute. If I sewed I'd have to make one too~ but I don't. : )

  2. What a great idea!! I need to make one :)

    I featured this on my TT&J FB page :)


  3. Oh WOW good idea! I have a frame that I broke the glass to and we have some scrape wood and paper lying about.... looks like I have a project to do tomorrow!!

  4. Thanks so much for your comment. SO sorry you have gestational diabetes too. It is so hard! I am getting it under control. I think the hard part is all the small meals. Sometimes i feel like i am starving. Only for a short time now. Patience patience.
    Good luck to you and congrats on the baby :)
    Crazy what we go through for our children :)

  5. Love it. I made one of those recently too. They are so handy! Love your blog.

    If you get a chance sometime you'll have to check out my blog.


  6. Looks brilliant. I love the white frame and the pretty paper you chose!

  7. Great Idea, but I think I would also put a little upward angle on the nails so they wouldn't slide off. It looks a whole bunch better than what I have them on now.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion & the blog visit. :)

  8. While I was reading this I kept thinking I'd like this too because all my thread is in a plastic tub and just gets so scrambled when I'm looking for a certain color. I would want a large one but then you are limited to the size paper you had unless you used left over wallpaper but who has that? So I thought about using spray adhesive to fabric that matches curtains or d├ęcor of the room. Now if I too can find a frame large enough because I don't want to make one. Even two matching frames would be good for all that I have. BTW, I love the frame you "stole"! It is sooo pretty and really dresses up your project.

  9. nice post!!
    Thank you for sharing best post here


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