Indoor Gardening

My son is really into plants & planting, so every year around this time I have pots all over my kitchen & his bedroom.  In an effort to make his indoor gardening more pretty for the house I offered to buy some cute apothecary jars for him to add his plants too.

I felt like this was a great compromise & they look so pretty in our living room.

Plus it's also a fun afternoon activity to do with your kids.

I was so excited to find these apothecary jars at 50% at my local craft store--score!

If you decide to do this type of indoor gardening, you'll need to let the plants air out every once and awhile.  It can get really humid in the jars if you never remove the lids.

My daughter has had this plant for years and she's quite proud that it's still alive.
Granted it doesn't need to be watered very often :)

And my son grew these Coleus plants from seed. 
We plan on transplanting them to the yard as they get bigger.

I wish this project meant that there were no other plant pots in my kitchen, but this year my kids decided they wanted to buy banana pepper & jalapeno plants.  So now they're in pots on our kitchen counter waiting until it's warm enough to go in the garden.

Oh well, I'm grateful my kids enjoy gardening so much.  I hope this means they'll be helping me weed this summer.  Wishful thinking!  :)


  1. Adoro ver novidades,tenho muitos vidros e muitos netos[11] e vai ser prazeiroso compartilhar os cuidados com as plantinhas.
    Espero que as minhas de certo e sobreviva florescendo meu lar.

  2. These are so beautiful. I don't have much of a green thumb, but these photos make me want to plant an indoor garden in decorative glass containers!

  3. Beautiful! I love using apothecary jars for terrariums too. xo


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