Easy and Inexpensive Halloween Decorations

Today I'm so excited to share with you a few quick, easy and inexpensive Halloween decorations.

First, I made these Witch Shoes from shoes I bought at a local thrift store for 25 cents!  They were a lavender color before they became witch shoes!  I didn't completely follow this tutorial from "Seeing Things That Aren't Really There", but I used it as basic instructions.   I was able to give them a little more shape with cardboard from a cereal box and masking tape.  Then once I had the shape I liked, I spray painted them black. They could probably use a little more, like a buckle or glitter from the tutorial, but this was all I had time for that day. Perhaps next year I'll make them a little more spiffy.
Our door was super easy to decorate!  Everything you see was bought at the dollar store!  Really cheap and really easy!

My next idea I got from this pin

I didn't follow the link, or even read their tutorial, I just saw this picture and made my own. 
I bought a cheap rug from Walmart for $4, used chalk to draw my spider web and then traced it in white craft paint. After it was dry, I dusted off the chalk and put it out in front of our door. That's it! Easy peasy!

 These pumpkins used to be a neon orange! I bought them from Dollar Tree and used left over spray paint and painted them black, silver and white.  My 7 year old and 5 year old then added their own touches with black, white and orange paint. Easy and inexpensive. :)

These are a clearance buy after last year's Halloween.

Here are few pics of other decorated areas of our home.  A lot of our decorations are from the Dollar Tree; like the tombstones, the bird in the glass bowl, the rat in the glass jar, and the green and orange signs in the trunk. We also replaced the pictures in some frames from around the house, with black and white paper. Very cheap and we like the look!  The "BOO" and "HALLOWEEN" banners were both made last year.  We really enjoy making and slowly collecting decorations each year.

This rose topiary, was the easiest of all to make, but not the cheapest. I bought 3 bunches of fake roses in the floral section of  Walmart and a 5 inch green floral ball. Then I took off all the roses, poked them into the floral ball and hot glued them so they would stay. I wanted to spray paint it black, but my husband wanted me to leave it red.  So it's red. :)  I have it sitting on top of a mini cake stand that I made from a candle stick and candle plate.
The black ball next to it is also a 5 in. floral ball covered with this tight wound raffia stuff that I found at the thrift store for 25 cents. I hot glued the raffia to the floral ball as I wrapped it and then I did spray paint it black.

You'd never guess that these silver bottles used to be blue. 

For this project, I used this spray paint:

and then added these labels with some clear contact paper.
Again, easy peasy, and cheap!

I hope this post inspires you to go out and make some inexpensive Halloween decor of your own.

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  1. These are beautiful, and look so easy. We are going to be decorating the house and front porch today, and I especially love the idea of the silver bottles and the witch shoes. Thanks for sharing your creativity!


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