Changing Pad Cover Tutorial

This is a custom fitted cover so you'll need to measure your own changing pad to get the dimensions.
You'll need to take measurements for:
-Cording to go around top edge
-1 rectangular top piece
-2 long rectangular side pieces
-2 short end pieces (trace ends of changing pad to get pattern that looks like the drawing below)
-2 side rectangular bottom pieces (to help hold the cover on)
-2 end rectangular bottom pieces (to help hold the cover on)
-Enough fabric to cover top and sides of changing pad (I bought 1 yard of minky and had some left over)
-Cording to go around top edge of changing pad
-Fabric to cover cording
-Fabric for bottom side of changing pad (I used fleece, but you could use the same fabric as the top)
-Matching thread

Cover cording with fabric & sew as close to cording as possible using a zipper or cording foot.
Sew cording to top piece along the entire edge of the top piece.
Use the changing pad to fit the pieces on so you can make sure the cording is where you want it.
Next pin the short end pieces to the top piece at each end, with the arc ends next to the cording.  Sew as close as you can to the cording by using your zipper or cording foot, but leave about 1 inch open at each end of your seams.
Repeat that same process with the two rectangular side pieces, leaving about 1 inch open at each end of the seams.  This is what the corners will look like when you've finished sewing on all four sides.
Before sewing the corners, fit your cover to the changing pad and pin the bottom four rectangular pieces to each corresponding side piece.  (It's important to fit your cover to the changing pad, so you can make sure your cording stays along the top edge of the pad.)  Sew on each bottom piece.  Again, fit the pattern to the changing pad and pin all four side corners and the 1 inch openings that were left open.
Sew the 1 inch openings and each side corner, leaving the bottom four corners unsewn like the picture above.
Pin each bottom corner so your cover is tight enough to stay on, but not too tight that you can't get it off.  (Don't worry if it doesn't fit completely tight at this point because you'll be adding elastic which will help make it fit snug.)  Take cover off changing pad and sew each corner.
Fold inside edge of bottom to create casing for elastic and sew leaving an opening to insert elastic.
Thread elastic through casing and sew elastic edges together so they won't come apart.  Sew opening in casing and you're done.

Turn cover right side out, fit on your changing pad and admire your work. ;)

I wanted cording on my baby's changing pad and I like how the pink color pops.
And if you missed the post on my baby's crib set, check it out here to see how this changing cover matches.

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