Pantry Makeover

Last summer we decided to make some changes in the way we eat. We wanted to eat a lot more fresh fruits and veggies; make more food from scratch so we were weren't eating as much processed foods; add more variety to our grains; and we wanted to limit the refined sugar that we were taking in. There are many reasons we decided to do this, but overall, we just wanted to be healthier.
 I started spending more time in the kitchen and I wanted our healthy changes to be successful, so I decided to help myself by making my kitchen a place I wanted to be.  What better place to start with change then the pantry?  Sorry, but I don't have a before picture

This is the door I built before stain and molding.

After staining the door, I added door trim.

This is the finished product with white painted trim.  I wanted the contrast between light and dark, so I decided on white trim.

I decided on dark hinges & hardware for the door.  Again, I like the contrast with the wood.  It also brings out the dark color in the stain.

This is the inside of the pantry before it got a lovely makeover.

And this is the finished product with blue paint, white shelves & a white painted stencil.

These are our chore charts on the inside of the pantry door.

And a fun close up.

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  1. Love the pantry - inside and out. And I love the chore charts! Did you already post about them? I'm still trying to figure something out for my kids. Thanks!

  2. Wow this turned out lovely. I love the paint on the inside. Can you do a post on how you stenciled the canisters? I love those. And I think a weekly menu list could also be awesome in the pantry with the chore charts. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It looks wonderful Chelsea! I don't have a real pantry or else I think I would totally copy you!

  4. Fantastic Makeover. I love the door and the colors you picked for the inside.


    Creative Raisins

  5. Such an organized pantry. Loved it. I would really like to know where did u purchase these jars for lentils. Thanks.


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