Curved Retaining Wall

This week we were finally able to finish our little retaining wall in our front yard.
It is not filled with dirt or plants yet, but I can only do things one step at a time with a toddler in the house. :)

I researched on the internet on how to build a retaining wall and I was able to build most of it by myself.
I didn't get many pictures of the process, but this shows the first row of blocks.
First I measured and marked the area where I wanted my wall to be, then I went and bought blocks and paver sand base.
I already had landscaping weed tarp and bark in this area, so I had to cut that up and move all the bark.
Then I dug down about 3 or 4 inches and poured in the paver base.
I placed each block making sure it was level before I moved on to the next.

On the top of the wall I used wall cap stones, but since they were rectangular they had to be cut for our arched wall.  I found this technique online and used it.
You place the first and third cap stone & then place the 2nd one on top of those with the front meeting at the corners, then mark the two side blocks.

With this technique you're only having to cut every other block.
Here is another technique you can use to cut the top blocks for an arched wall.

This is where I needed help from the hubby.  We rented this beast of a saw & he so kindly cut all the blocks for me.  That saw was so heavy to get in and out of the van & I have a few bruises to show for it.

In this picture you can see how some blocks are rectangular & some are cut.

I still have to buy some concrete/masonry sealant to glue down the capstones, so this wall isn't 100% finished.

I bought all my blocks at Lowe's & they are:

Now I just have to get more dirt to fill the area & we'll plant more plants in there during the fall.

I also have to move that little pine tree, but I'm not sure yet where to put it.
I'm so excited to add more plants in this area, just not too excited to haul dirt. :)

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