How To Take GREAT Blog Pictures Indoors

I always have a hard time taking pictures for my blog because the only time I really have to take them is late at night when the kids are in bed, and of course the lighting stinks at night.  That is unless you have one of these...

It's called a 32" Pop Up Daylight Soft Light Photo Studio Tent Kit and it's awesome!!
You can click the link to find this product on

This product comes with everything you need to quickly set up an indoor studio to take product pictures for your blog.  Here are some examples of pictures I took using this kit...

These first pictures are SOOC (straight out of camera).

The picture on the left is taken in the pop up studio with the studio lighting.
The picture on the right is taken with no pop up studio and just using the overhead incandescent lighting in my craft room.
You can see a major difference in the coloring of the burp cloths.  The one on the left is true to color.

And these are the same pictures with a little editing.

I love that I didn't have to edit colors at all with the picture on the left, but as you can see the picture on the right required a lot of color editing.  The only editing I did for the picture on the left, taken with the pop up studio, was to lighten it a little.  These pictures are taken in the exact same spot in my craft room, but with the pop up studio I was able to eliminate all the background distraction.  I probably could have used a smaller pop up studio, like a 16" or a 24", for my counter, but this one is nice because it's big enough to fit larger items.

This Pop Up Studio kit comes with 4 different colored backgrounds--white, red, blue & black and they easily Velcro to the inside of the pop up studio within seconds.  Here is a picture of the same product with the black background.  I like how it emphasizes my product even more.

You can also create your own backdrops with fabric and Velcro, but I took the lazy approach and used fabric and straight pins.  Just for fun here are a few pictures with my own backdrops.

It was so much easier to pin these fabrics on the inside of the pop up studio rather then trying to prop them up on the shelf behind my craft room counter using various items from around my house.  It's so nice to have a solution for bad indoor nighttime lighting and to be able to take pictures with accurate coloring.  This really cuts down on my photo taking and editing time and I'm ecstatic about that!!

*All the burp cloth pictures were taken with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS camera with the following settings: Aperture priority setting, auto WB, F-stop f/5.6 & ISO-800.

Here's a close up of the lights that come with this kit.

These lights are easily knocked over because they're a little front heavy once they have the light domes on them, so you'll need to keep that in mind.  Also, the light dome sits loosely on the light socket, so they wobble and I had to readjust them whenever I moved the lights.  I do wish they attached more securely to the light socket.

Here is a picture just for comparison so you can see actual daylight compared to these lights.

Here are a few more pictures I took just for fun.

This kit comes with everything pictured and it's only $69.99, which I think is a pretty reasonable price for all that's included in the kit.  It also ships super fast.  Mine arrived in 2 days.

It did take me a few tries to fold up the pop up studio, but it came with instructions, so after a few tries I'm now a pop up tent folding pro. :)

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**Disclaimer:  All opinions in this post are 100% mine based on personal use and results. I received free product from for evaluation purposes.

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