Masquerade Party

These are all the pictures from my sister Mashaide's masquerade birthday party.
She came up with all the ideas and I got to help decorate for the party.  It was a lot of fun!

My sister came up with the idea to use dress forms and decorate them with different materials.

Each one is unique and adds lots of texture to the decor.

This one is special because it lights up.  The skirt is made up of curtain lights tied with tulle.

These are the centerpieces.

A masquerade party would not be complete without masks and a photo booth.

There will be a tutorial on how to make the large frame behind the couch, in a future post.

Just had to share a few pictures we took in the photo booth so you could see just how much fun we had taking pictures.

Special thanks to our friends and family who helped put this event together.
It could not have been done without you.  We love you!

You can view Mashaide's pinterest board for more masquerade party ideas.

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