Neapolitan Cupcakes for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Sometimes I get really great ideas at the last minute, and this is one of them that kept me up baking until 3am. I wanted to make a yummy cupcake and put it in a cute gift box for my kids to take to school for their teachers for teacher appreciation week.

I didn't know what my kids' teachers' favorite treat flavors were, so I thought neapolitan would cover most every one's favorite flavors. Plus neapolitan is so cute with the pink, white and brown.

These cupcakes were super easy, but they make 3 times the amount because I used 3 boxes of cake mix. I used a strawberry cake mix, french vanilla cake mix & devils food cake mix.  I prepared each batter according to the directions on the box and then I layered them in the cupcake liners. I put a little less then 1 tablespoon of each flavor in each cupcake liner and this is how they looked on the inside.  Kind of a fun pattern, that when you bite into it, the frosting lines up with each coordinating color of frosting. I didn't even plan it that way. :) I layered the strawberry on the bottom, then the vanilla and lastly the chocolate.

I also used three containers of frosting: strawberry, vanilla & chocolate.  I first pipped a circle of the strawberry on all the cupcakes, then followed with the vanilla and chocolate flavors of frosting. I think they turned out super yummy and super cute!

This made so many cupcakes that I was able to send them with my kids to give to their teachers and then take a whole bunch of them into the teachers lounge to share with all the teachers.

I found a cute cupcake box template on the Cricut Design Space and I made my own cupcake boxes with my own cardstock paper.  I wish I'd taken a picture, but that's what happens when you finish at 3am, you forget things.

I always wish I could do more for my kids' teachers because they do so much for my kids, but I hope they appreciate this yummy little token of my gratitude, and a little gift card too. ;)

Don't forget to thank your teachers all year long for all the hard work they do.

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