DIY Paving Job

This is a re-post from my family blog. It was originally posted in Sept 2009.
We wanted to have pavers right behind our fence gate, so we wouldn't have to mow all the way up to the fence.

This is the before picture, where we started digging up the dirt. Thankfully, my hubby had already killed the grass in this area long ago. Sure makes the digging a ton easier!!

  This is the lovely hole we dug together--awwwe, the love :)

  Then we put down some weed fabric and sand. This picture was taken before we had all the sand we really needed. It was a pain to get the sand level. :[
Once you have it all level, just place the pavers where you want then & fill in the cracks with more sand.

This is the final product after I had to take some of the bricks back up and put in the steel edging. The bricks had no support and I was going to edge anyway, so it worked out. I just hadn't planned on edging until next spring. Did you know that a piece of 20' steel edging is really heavy to drag around by yourself? Well, now you know!

  This is what it looks like from the front.

Now just imagine that you can see lots of beautiful flowers in the flower beds, trees in the background landscaping & a beautifully designed raised bed garden! Doesn't all that just look beautiful in your head? It does in mine!! I wouldn't say that this is the best paving job, nor the most level or flat, but hey, it's done! And the best thing is I didn't have to pay anyone to do it! I just had to hurt every muscle in my body & work on it for. ev. er! Nothing can be done all at once when you have little ones :) If you ever want a crazy good workout for your thighs, just do some squats with a really heavy square paver and you'll be hurtin for days!
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  1. It looks just great!

  2. that looks great! i can't wait to lay some pavers or something in our yard.

  3. Great job! Looks so pretty--even though lotsa hard work--paid off nicely.

  4. Hello there, I was looking for a Paving Danvers MA and I came across your blog, very informative and entertaining, it shows that your an expert in your field.
    I will definitely be back for more. Keep it up!


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