Freezer Paper Stencil - Crayon T-shirt

Remember this post about the float Chelsea helped make?
Well, here's the tutorial on how she made those darling crayon outfits...
I'm sure this isn't the first time you've seen this (it's all over the internet & we've shown it before), but we thought we'd share again anyway.
First you start out with Freezer Paper.

Then you need a design.
Chelsea created her own SVG file using SCAL software and then she cut it on her Cricut. Be sure to flip your image and cut the freezer paper shiny side up.
(Or if you don't have a Cricut or Silhouette, then you can follow this tute.)

This is what happens once you peel it off the Cricut cutting mat, but no need to worry, it still works.
You just set it on your t-shirt shiny side down & iron it down flat.

Then comes the fun part--painting.
And if you're crazy like my sister and I, you paint A LOT of shirts!

Just enough so that they're staggerd all over the room to dry.
After the paint is dry you get to peel off the freezer paper and make a huge mess in your sister's house :)

And ta-da you have cute crayon looking shirts!
All you need is cardstock hats and you look just like a cute crayon!
Creative Momma C is pretty amazing to help this vision come to life. I was just excited that I happened to be in town to help her out just a little.
It would have been even better if the weather would have cooperated so you could actually see the crayons. Poor kids, it was so cold and windy that day.

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  1. Those t-shirts are dar-ling. I have yet to do a freezer paper thing. One of these days.

  2. Dosh, I'm soooo glad you were here to help me too!! You're crazy fast! It seemed possible when you showed up! Love you! Btw, I hadn't posted this because I had always intended to get a better picture of the crayon shirt. They loved these shirts so much that they wore them on the zoo field trip and through out the last few weeks of school. Success!

  3. Belse, you can add more pics if you want :)

  4. They are adorable! What a great idea! Thanks for visiting.


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