Glitter Ornaments

As I showed you in a previous post, this year the ornaments on my tree are black, silver, grey & fuchsia.
Not traditional colors, but colors I've been dying to do since last Christmas.
I did not have enough black ornaments, so I figured I'd alter some fuchsia & silver ones with black glitter.

 I bought these silver glitter ornaments at Walmart after Christmas last year when they were something like 70-90% off.  The fuchsia, I bought at a local craft store during the Christmas clearance sale as well.
I usually plan my colors for the next year, so that I can hit the after Christmas clearance sales.

The fuchsia bulbs had gold on them and since that didn't match, I figured I'd replace it with black glitter.
Just draw on glue and cover with glitter & you're done.

This is one of the silver bulbs.  I just added glue where the silver glitter was and covered it in black glitter.

And this is what it turns into.
Obviously I didn't worry too much about the stray glitter, but I did tap a lot of it off once the glue was dry.

I have a lot of silver bulbs, so I figured I could completely cover these in black and no one would miss the silver.

I used spray adhesive and then rolled the bulb in black glitter.
I have to admit that there was glitter all over my kitchen and my husband was so happy about that ;)

Here is the fuchsia bulb all finished. 

And here is another silver glitter one that I drew my own design on.
They look so great on my tree and I can't wait to get pictures of it posted.
As soon as our annual cocoa party (tomorrow night) is over, I'm sure I'll get to those pictures :)

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