Marble Cupcakes

Saturday was my son's birthday so I decided to take treats to his classroom on Friday.
The problem was that I didn't remember until Friday afternoon, so I had to make something fast and easy.

Lucky for me, I have quite a few cake mixes in my pantry.
I wanted to make them look interesting, so I decided to go for a marbled look.

I decided on a Devil's Food cake mix & a Yellow Butter cake mix.
I made each cake mix then filled half of each cupcake wrapper with each batter.
Then I just used a knife to swirl the two flavors together.
Super easy because I was using boxed mixes.

Then I used a chocolate & a cream cheese frosting, swirled them together on top of each cupcake & topped them with heath pieces.

Super easy, super yummy & barely made it to class before school got out :)

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