Remember this post where we made these plaques for our youth for Christmas?

or this post on Rachel's blog with more pictures of the plaques?

Well we've both received emails inquiring about the size of the boards, fonts used & even asking for the SVG files to cut the letters & I'm happy to say, we now have another blog post to link to.

Tiffany Johnson of Growing Old Together sent me a link this morning of the plaques that she created, and she even got to use the project for her own personal progress project.  Awesome!

Go check out her blog to see all the many beautiful plaques that she created.  It's so fun to see all the different color possibilities.  She even attached a cute Mormonad to her gifts.  Great job Tiffany!

So glad that our project could inspire others to share the same message with the young girls/women in their lives.  I really believe if we can all remember that we're unique and that God made us that way for a reason, we can appreciate our own individual worth.  Thanks Tiffany for sharing your photos with us!

For all the details on how to make your own, see the original post here.

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