Alice In Wonderland Birthday Party

10th Birthday Party

I had the opportunity to help my sister with her daughter's 10th bday party & it was a lot of fun.

My sister wanted to create a garden in her entryway & we were totally going to make larger-than-life paper mache mushrooms, but we just couldn't fit in the time to make them.  *sigh*  But we did create this flower garden using tissue paper & paper flowers.  They're all hung from the ceiling & taped to the floor.

This is the dessert table, complete with lots of color & sweets.


Creme puffs & mini frosted cinnamon rolls.

These are the awesome cookies my sister made for the party.
She's super talented & patient at making pretty sugar cookies. 
Me, not so patient, but I still helped :)

Chocolate & Vanilla cupcakes.

This is the beverage table. 
We had to set up 3 tables because we couldn't fit everything on just one table.

Be sure not to set up your drink dispenser on books you really like because inevitably someone will turn the spout without a cup underneath. :)

These fun labels were purchased on etsy.

This is the food table, because we couldn't just eat sweets.
Well, I totally could have, but since we were feeding other peoples' kids we thought we'd add something healthy too.

Vegis & dip.

Alfredo meatballs.

Rolls & bread (cut in playing card shapes) for sandwiches.

Chicken salad, egg salad & cute mushroom cookies.

My kids kept asking me the answer to this question.
Did you know that there is no answer & there never was supposed to be?

In the back yard we set up tables complete with mis-matched tea sets for the girls to eat at.
It was a fun tea party.

I was so happy when I came across this mushroom tea set at a thrift store.
What are the chances of that?

Each of the girls got to paint their own mini tea sets & take them home.

My sister found some pretty awesome costumes too--all "Mad" style.

We're late!

Wait, I don't remember these guys being at the party, where did they come from?

The party wouldn't be complete without a photo booth.
We had this fun "house" for everyone to try to get out of.

And these cool props to pass around.

We had to take at least one (okay, maybe 30) picture together.
Here are the "MAD" creators of the party.
Can you tell who the queen creator was?
Yup, that's my sister Mashaide, and this was her daughter's party.

Inspiration for this party came from my Sister's pin board. 
Go check it out because there are more ideas there that we didn't get to use, but they're still pretty awesome.

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  1. This is so cute I can hardly stand it! Love it!!!
    Marcie @

  2. Love the party! I'm throwing my 3 year old daughter an Alice in Wonderland themed party in September. How did you make the door for the photo booth? I just love it!!

    1. We used a cardboard box & cut down one side. We opened the box and left the sides & bottom on it to help balance it on the table for pictures. We cut a door shape in the middle of one side, then covered it with cardstock. We cut cardstock to look like trim & inked all the edges to make it look old. Let me know if you have any more questions. Have fun planning your daughter's party. Such a fun theme. :)

  3. Where did you buy the paint your own tea sets from?

  4. The paints we used came with the tea sets.

  5. your sisters pin link doesn't work I click it and it says oop who is she on pinterest you

  6. your siters pinterest board is oops

    1. link has been fixed. Thanks for letting me know. :)

  7. Hi
    Do you have instructions on how to make the paper flowers you mentioned in the beginning of the article?
    Jody Engen-Solberg

    1. The flowers were store bought crepe paper flowers and we just twisted tissue paper for the green stems. We hung the flowers from the ceiling with clear thread and taped the stems to the floor.


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