Happy Father's Day!

Handprints Framed

The kids and I made this for Father's Day.
I found a couple handprint ideas on Pinterest and this is what the kids decided on.

I traced each of their hands on paper, cut it out & used it as my template to cut them out of fabric.
I made this even more personal by letting each child (except the baby of course) chose their own fabric

I found a quote online, printed it on cardstock and attached the fabric hands with adhesive spray.
Put it in a frame and your set to go.
My husband LOVED it of course and is going to put it in his office tomorrow :)
I just love it when an idea comes together and the kids also get to help in the process.

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  1. I love this idea. My husband has given me my kids hand prints for Mother's day before, but I have never done the same for him. I bet he would love something like this. So many ideas flowing now, thanks for sharing. =D

  2. Sweet, sweet project! I love the purple, green and orange together - so happy!


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