How to Make a Soda Jerk Party Hat

Ice Cream Parlor Party Hats

These are the hats I made for my daughter's Ice Cream Parlor birthday party.
I made them ahead of time & the girls decorated them with all kinds of crafty things.  They were each unique and cute.
Here is the tutorial for a child size soda jerk hat...

1.  Cut two pieces of paper or cardstock 11"x3".
2.  Cut a piece of tissue paper 11"x11". 
3.  Fold tissue paper in half.
4.  Make 3 or 4 pleats (1/2" pleats) in the center of the tissue paper.
5.  Glue one side of the tissue paper to the backside, top edge of one piece of cardstock.  (Ignore the fact that the paper is pink in these next few pictures.  I only photographed it like this so you could see it against the white table.)
6. Glue the other end of tissue paper to the backside, top edge of the 2nd piece of cardstock.
7.  Fold the two pieces together with tissue paper in the middle.  (See how my paper isn't double sided.  It is actually white on the back side.)
8.  Glue each short end together.
Then you end up with these cute hats for kids to decorate any way they want.


  1. Thank you for this adorable DIY. My 3year old wants to be an ice cream man this year and this hat will work perfectly.😀

  2. The hat turned out great! For my daughter's kindergarten career day, she chose the illustrious job of being an ice cream truck operator. Lol. Anyway, thanks for the tutorial!


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