Eye Patch Tutorial

My daughter was born with exotropia, so we've dealt with surgery, eye patches & glasses for 10 years now.  I figured since she has to patch her strong eye every day I should at least make her a cute eye patch instead of the black store bought ones.

For this patch I decided to use two different colors, so she could have a different color on the backside.  I used her dress up pirate patch as a template because it is smaller and fits her eye better.  She also doesn't like it when the eye patch hits her eye lashes, so I made this patch kind of cone shaped so it wouldn't rest on her eye.

For this project you will need:
-Cotton Fabric
-Pellon Fabric
-Patch Template

Step 1: Trace eye patch or create your own shape.

Step 2:  Draw a line from the center of the eye patch to the top center.  Re-draw your template raising the top left side of the line to end higher then the right side (shown with arrow in picture below).  This is necessary to make a cone shaped patch and still have the top edge match together.

Step 3: Cut out template & cut out patch from pellon fabric.

Step 4: Sew pellon fabric to cotton fabric.  Sew along all edges as shown in picture below.

Step 5: Sew through pellon and cotton fabric in various places from the center out as show in picture below.  This will keep the fabric from dropping & touching eyelashes.  (Or you can use an iron-on interfacing to avoid having to do this step.

Step 6: Cut cotton fabric about 1/4" around pellon and down center slit.

Step 7:  Overlap point A over point B & sew in place.  Picture below is what backside should look like at overlap.  (Tip: you might want to serge edge along point B since it will be what is on the underside.  Shown at arrow in picture below.)  I didn't have my serger with me,so I just left the edge as is.

Step 8: Cut out pattern on second fabric & place right sides together with elastic between.  Sew along all edges leaving an opening to turn fabric right side out.

This is what the patch should look like at this point.

Step 9:  Turn patch right side out & pin it together with other edge of elastic between pins.

Step 10: Sew along all edges of patch.

Try on your patch and see how cute it is.

You could also use this tutorial to make patches for Halloween costumes or just to be a pirate. :)

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  1. I like your tutorial, but I wish you could make it slightly clearer. For example, is the size of the front the exact same as the template? or is it slightly bigger, just like the back fabric attached to the pellon?

    1. Sorry it's not more clear. I believe I covered that in step 6 & 8. I cut the cotton fabric 1/4" around the pellon. I cut the front and back (fabric 1 & 2) the same size.


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