Money Lei

Graduation is right around the corner.
So give that special graduate the gift of aloha, a lei or money.
Or what's better?
How about a Money Lei.
Sometimes I like to think I'm funny and creative.

Or daughter graduated in 2015 and I wanted to make her a lei (with money of course). But I really wanted her lei to be feminine.

 So after looking through many pictures on in the internet, I decided on this. I tried to make each flower a little different and added white beads to the center. 
I then used ribbon and braided it attaching the flowers and leaves in between. It took a lot more time than I had anticipated only because it was my first time. But I am very pleased with how beautiful it turned out.  
Here is the money lei along with the other leis for her graduation.
A yellow shell lei.
A burgundy and gold (her school colors) ribbon lei I made.
A white lei I made with yarn.
This year I'm going to try something more masculine for my nephew and will post pictures as soon as I'm finished. Good luck with lei making.


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