Donut Bar Wedding Reception

Last weekend I had the opportunity to help with a family wedding reception and it was so fun to decorate with a donut bar.

This sign was made by a friend of the bride and it was so cute! Who doesn't need love and donuts?!

This was the sign in table.

For the centerpieces I used burlap runners, lanterns with floral arrangements, mason jars with firefly lights, mini picture frames and small mason jars with more flowers. Each table also had a wood stump which added so much character. I really feel like you can't go wrong with wood, burlap and lace. Such a pretty combination.

This food table was so fun to design. The doors are rented from The Flower Patch in Provo and they added the perfect backdrop to this table set up. The bride's family came up with the donut and milk bar idea and I think it was the perfect theme for the cute couple.

It was a sweet wedding and fun reception. I'm so grateful for all the help I received in setting up, cleaning up and for all my gracious friends who loaned me items to help decorate the room. You all are the BEST!! Oh, and the donuts were DELISH!!

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