Front Entry Bench Cushion

I reorganized my mudroom and decided to move this bench from the mudroom to the front entryway.  It's a tight squeeze, but it works in this space.

Living in a place covered in snow for much of the year we like to have people remove their shoes upon entering our home. Now they finally have a place to sit while removing their shoes and a place to hang their coats.

This bench did not have a cushion so I decided to make one.
I found this fabric at Walmart.

Piping is kinda a pain to work with, but I love the look, so I decided to add it to the cushion.
Let's just say this was a labor of love since I had to take it apart twice and sew it 3 times.
It's imperfect, but it's done. :)

*excuse the cell phone pics, they're not as clear as my nice camera.

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